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    Selling Your Logo Designs NOW...We have 20000+ of ready-made logo designs for you to purchase!Just◥◣$48◢◤

Guidelines :
1:Please do not use CLIPART;Please do not use CONTENT from 3rd party source unless you have the ownership rights.
2:Please use the LOGOinLOGO-template-and-examples to make your logo.
3:The eps file: Use the CMYK colour space;Less than 1024KB
4:The png file: 174 X 174(px);Select Background: Transparent ; 72 ppi.
5:You can get approximately 85% of the sale price (15% goes to LOGOinLOGO).

Price: * USD
eps file: *
png file: *

Category: * Max 5 Tags: * Max 3 Category: *
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